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11 Sep Building the Ultimate Lifestyle

Setting out what your ultimate lifestyle looks like and attempting to achieve it can be daunting.

In his book Insure and Grow Rich, Jethro sheds some light on his journey to his ultimate lifestyle, in the hopes that you too can achieve your goals.

How I built my ultimate lifestyle

Once I started business for myself, I then decided what my ultimate lifestyle and life would look like. I kind of had it in my head. Looking back, I think it was always there, but now it had fully come to the surface.

It was scary leaving the security of paid employment. I was working at the ANZ Bank as a financial adviser and on a good salary with a car and all the perks. My wife and I had just had our first baby and we were renting in Auckland. We had some savings – about $30,000 – but that was it.

When I stepped out into the big bad world of being self-employed, this was a scary moment. I actually spoke to a few of my banking friends about starting their own businesses too like me.

They all said they would love to do it but just couldn’t afford the risk of becoming self-employed. They had too many commitments. I can completely understand where they were coming from. Building the ultimate life and lifestyle is not easy and is very scary at times.

So I decided what my ultimate life and lifestyle was now going to look like:

  • I’ll get out of bed when I’m ready.
  • I’ll choose what I want to do today.
  • I’m going to take my family away to Tahiti next week because I feel like it.
  • I feel like going to work or working today, so I will.
  • I want to start a new hobby, so I will.
  • I want to write a book, so I will.
  • I’m only going to work a 16-hour week for the rest of my life.
  • How much money do I want to make?
  • Do I want to upgrade my house or buy a new Mercedes?

But building the ability to have this does not happen overnight. I decided I needed a business and investments that:

  • were going to produce my desired income
  • were as safe as possible and not speculative
  • I was in control of – not the markets or economy or external factors
  • were set up so they can run themselves and are not reliant on me to be there every day if I choose not to
  • would keep growing and providing income even if I decided to holiday in Southeast Asia for 2 months or live in Europe for 6 months.

These desires were my wish list – to have the ultimate life and lifestyle. Every year, I wrote down a few things on my wish list and set about implementing them. Some, I accomplished quickly. Others took longer than I imagined…

I continued building my dream list but wasn’t too angry with myself if I didn’t accomplish all of them. It wasn’t probably until about the 6th year into building this that I kind of realised I was doing it and my life was getting better and better every year.

I want to have the perfect life.

I can say, at 40, I have built that. But I try to always remain humble and gracious. No one is invincible. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. My mum passed away last year from cancer. She lived close to us and was best friends with my children, my wife and me. She was a major part of our lives and was just ready to enjoy retirement when she died at age 63. So life is short, and you don’t know what’s around the corner. There are no guarantees, and when you die, you aren’t taking anything with you.



This is a short extract from Jethro Hooker’s Insure and Grow Rich – get your free copy today or speak to Jethro himself on 027 446 4143.


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