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17 Sep The Power of a Positive Mind

And a ‘Never Say Die’ Attitude

Everything begins with a thought, thoughts are turned into plans and plans into reality.

Rich owners know that money is made in their minds first. You must develop the belief that making money can only begin in your mind.

There are certain minor shifts you can make immediately that will produce instantaneous results.

I am going to share with you a word that you must now reduce or remove from your vocabulary forever to make your self-communication more effective.

It is the word ‘try’

‘Try’ implies failure. If you try to do something, it’s not the same as determining you are going to do it. In my seminars, I will ask one of the participants to try to pick up a chair. When she reaches forward and picks it up, I say, “No, I said try to pick it up, you picked it up.”

As she reaches for it again, she usually doesn’t pick it up.

You see, there is no state of trying – you either did it or you didn’t. ‘Try’ is a word that everybody uses to get themselves off the hook. It’s the fail-safe that says if I don’t do what I said I was going to do, at least I tried.

Don’t ‘try’

How often have you set out to do something and because you didn’t finish what you started, you used the excuse “I tried”?

When you send a message of ‘try’ to your subconscious, it believes something isn’t really important. That disempowering word ‘try’ will set you up for failure.

An excellent example of this is in The Empire Strikes Back. In the movie, there was this little green guy named Yoda who was teaching Luke Skywalker how to use ‘the force’.

In one of the scenes, he and Luke were practising in the swamp, and Yoda said to Luke, “Levitate the spacecraft.” Luke answered, “Master, I’ll try.” Yoda said, “Try you mustn’t. Do you must.” Do you must?

Pay attention to people who say the word ‘try’ to you.

This is an excerpt from Jethro Hooker’s Insure and Grow Rich.

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