About Jethro Hooker, founder of LifePlan

Jethro has been in this job and industry since graduating from University and have done nothing else. He has worked in the very fast paced, competitive large Australian markets where he was a fully qualified Financial Planner.

In my financial advisory career I’ve…

Done every form of Financial Advising including insurance, investments & superannuation
I have advised and helped both million dollar clients through to businesses through to mums and dads
I have experience from both large institutions such as the banks and now owing my own business
Are in the process of growing a large business networking group where I help other business owners and entrepreneurism
Have other various investments and experience outside of my insurance business ‘Life Plan
I’m in the process of writing a book.

After gaining a bachelor of Commerce from Otago University in 1998 I then spent another year completing a Diploma for Graduates. I then moved to Sydney in 1998 and worked for various large Financial Adviser institutions such as Saxby Bridge, St George Bank, Suncorp Bank, AXA Australia and AON Australia.

The Australian market compared to New Zealand is very very complex, compliant and large. They have a very large Financial services market in Insurance and over three trillion dollars in Superannuation.

In Australia I completed an additional two year qualification (ADFP) to become a fully qualified Financial Planner. I learnt a lot from my experiences in Sydney and I was fortunate to gain a very wide level of experience looking after some very large clients right down to small mum and dad clients who just wanted some ‘Life Insurance’.

After returning back to Auckland New Zealand in 2003 I was employed as a Financial Adviser at the ANZ Bank where I was responsible for looking after 4 branches in the Auckland CBD area. After settling back home in New Zealand and getting a good understanding of the New Zealand insurance and investment market I realised there was large holes in how New Zealand customers and clients were looked after so I decided to use all my experiences and build an insurance and Financial Adviser business that catered to the New Zealand people and there needs. We started that in 1994 and has been growing exponentially every since.

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