What Our Clients Say

“We received a user friendly individualised plan with a breakdown that made it easy to fit our families budgets best… throughout the entire process Leonela was very helpful and with her knowledge made me feel comfortable in the choices we made.”

– Cindy Mong

“Leonela from Life Plan sat down with us and gave us some really good advice to protect ourselves… I thoroughly recommend Life Plan they’ll set you right with some really good insurance advice”

– Kelleigh Proctor

My experience with Life Plan was a nice & easy service where nothing seemed like a problem.  Leonela talked me through the products that would work for our family and even suggested the Level Cover option for our Life Insurance which I hadn’t heard about after investigating with other Insurance Companies, we even received a user friendly individualised personal plan where I was able to see the breakdown extremely easily.

I like how she was so personable and made me feel comfortable with what we had chosen and the fact that if I had any questions I could contact her anytime as she didn’t want me to be waiting in queues amongst many other clients when trying to get answers through the chosen insurance company.

They said they would keep in contact approximately every 6 months just in case anything changes with our situation.  Highly recommend dealing with Leonela she was a pleasure and I was very happy with my overall insurance options.”

– Cindy

“The need for insurance protection is underestimated. With the benefit of hindsight, we’d have taken out more insurance.”

– Troy

“If we hadn’t had life insurance, things would have been a lot tougher. In that sense, we’ve been lucky… very lucky.”

– Nick

“You never know when something like this is going to hit you, and in my case, it didn’t matter how fit and healthy I was.”

– Shelley
North Shore, Auckland